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Medical Evacuation and Repatriation

Medical Evacuation1
If a medical emergency arises and adequate facilities are not available locally, arrangements will be made to evacuate the insured from their location to the nearest medical facility equipped to handle the emergency.

  • Seamless -  Member contacts our  24/7/365 Customer Service toll-free number, and MetLife creates the "warm transfer" to a medical professional with emergency and critical care background at our emergency assistance vendor.  
  • Comprehensive - The emergency assistance vendor will assess the situation, provide treatment advice, or make arrangements with a local provider to treat the patient. If a medical condition cannot be treated locally, all necessary arrangements will be made to evacuate the patient.

Repatriation of Remains
In the unfortunate event that a member suffers a loss of life while outside his or her country of citizenship, we will arrange for the return of that person’s remains from the place of death to their home country, or arrange for local burial at the place of death if preferred. 

1Emergency medical and travel assistance services are provided through AXA Assistance USA, Inc.

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