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Customer Focus

High-Touch Commitment

We have dedicated account teams, and hightouch, flexible interaction that are critical to getting the right plan and experience.


Global Service Platform

Staying connected with employees on assignment all over the world is complicated. Whether it’s an urgent medical situation or a question about what's going on with your account, we give you answers without delay.

Member Experience Reporting

The data in our system does more than keep us connected to your employees - it tells the story of their assignment.


Member Experience

Learn more about how MetLife gives your employees the tools and people they need to stay healthy while on assignment


You and your employees can manage benefits online at any time through our eBenefits platform. Members also benefit from our mobile app.


Legal and Compliance

Support from MetLife professionals in more than 40 countries that understand country regulations, local customs, and language barriers.

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We're here to help. 

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