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Investment Management Overview

Our institutional investment management business focuses on creating attractive, long-term returns for institutional investors.

MetLife Investment Management (MIM), MetLife’s institutional investment management business, leverages size, scale and deep asset sector relationships to seek attractive, long-term investment opportunities for institutional investors. With more than $588 billion in MetLife combined managed assets1, we are one of the largest institutional investors in the world.

Our investment methodology is based on a disciplined in-house research and underwriting process, which leverages the deep expertise of our seasoned investment teams. Institutional investors have access to MIM’s in-house investment capabilities, including deal origination, asset acquisition, portfolio monitoring, risk analytics and risk management.

$587.7 Billion of MetLife Combined Managed Assets1

Why MetLife Investment Management
  • Investing for 100+ years
  • Broad capabilities across major asset classes
  • 900+ Global Investment Team
  • Deep fundamental research and underwriting
  • Long tenured senior investment staff
  • Sophisticated risk management, modeling and stress testing processes
  • Diverse investor base including insurance companies, public and private pension plans and sovereign wealth funds