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MetLife Investments

Striving to take advantage of today’s opportunities for customers and institutional clients.

MetLife, one of the world’s largest institutional investors, has been managing investments for nearly 150 years. 

We finance large-scale endeavors by investing in bonds, mortgages and other long-term assets, such as:

  • Commercial real estate ventures
  • Public infrastructure projects
  • Agricultural land development
  • Renewable energy initiatives
  • Affordable housing construction and more

Our 900+ investment professionals around the globe:

  • Conduct first-hand fundamental analysis of investments
  • Closely track developed and emerging markets
  • Identify trends, actively manage portfolios and mitigate risk
  • Position global portfolios for the future while capitalizing on present-day opportunities

Investment Fundamentals

  • We consider asset-liability management to be a core competency and carefully match assets to liabilities across our global business.
  • We focus on the value of each asset and on the relative value of asset classes, determining which ones are offering the most attractive return within given risk constraints.
  • We see risk management as part of our culture: it is everybody’s responsibility and woven throughout our investment process with dedicated systems, procedures, processes and models.

Key Differentiators

  • MetLife benefits from its strong franchise, business diversification and sound financial fundamentals, particularly when managing through challenging markets.
  • MetLife's sizable investment portfolio and operations gives us breadth and depth across asset sectors and markets. We emphasize first-hand, fundamental analysis by full-time analysts and sector specialists.
  • MetLife is a significant originator of private assets, including commercial real estate, agricultural mortgages and private placements, which provide us with a competitive advantage in these markets.

Private Asset Origination

MetLife is a significant originator of private assets which provides us with a competitive advantage in these markets. We seek to identify quality investments across the risk spectrum providing credit portfolio diversification. Our extensive field network of industry specialists is essential to generating and monitoring assets.

Private Asset Advantages

  • Helps to provide the ability to negotiate superior covenants, better quality collateral and remedies in the event of default.
  • MetLife leverages its substantial experience in the private sector through local market knowledge and long-standing industry relationships to facilitate origination of high quality investments.

164.1 Billion of Total Private Asset Portfolio

Private Asset Portfolio1

  • $59.9 Billion Commercial Mortgage Loans
  • $21.3 Billion Real Estate Equity (NAV)
  • $48.1 Billion Private Corporates
  • $17.3 Billion Private Infrastructure
  • $1.3 Billion Other Private Assets (Project Finance)
  • $16.2 Billion Agricultural Mortgage Loans

2017 originations include:

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