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2017 Pension Risk Transfer Poll

MetLife’s 2017 Pension Risk Transfer Poll surveyed 129 defined benefit (DB) pension plan sponsors to assess the current pension risk transfer (PRT) landscape. Conducted by MMR Research Associates, Inc. in cooperation with Strategic Insight, the online survey was designed to:

  • Assess the likelihood sponsors would engage in PRT to achieve their plans’ de-risking goals;
  • Determine what specific PRT activities sponsors were mostly likely to use and for which participant population(s);
  • Understand the current catalysts driving interest in PRT to an insurance company;
  • Gauge knowledge about – and preparation for – an eventual PRT transaction, including interest in flexible transaction structures such as split deals and assets-in-kind (AIK); and,
  • Probe on sponsors’ expectations for the 2017 level of PRT activity.

Click below to read the Poll report.   Click below to view key findings.
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