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MetLife offers comprehensive financing options, products and services available for state organizations as well as nonprofit employers and their employees. We specialize in providing solutions tailored to manage the unique needs of your organization. We are focused on developing practical benefit solutions designed to increase financial flexibility and achieve positive financial results.

  • We provide charitable gift annuities, which is a way of transferring certain risks associated with your CGA program to an insurance company. It can also alleviate the administrative burdens of running a gift annuity program and reassure donors about the security of their lifetime payments.
  • We offer retirement programs providing retirement plan products and other financial products and services to healthcare, educational, governmental and other nonprofit employers and their employees.
  • We offer state lottery organizations a financing option to manage payouts to winners. The annuity can be shaped to fit virtually any lottery design with payout options such as guaranteed payment for life or payments over a set period of years.

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