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ID Card

MetLife ID cards are double-sided, with international care information on one side and US care information, if applicable, on the other so members can use a single globally-recognized ID card virtually anywhere1.

MetLife uses well-known networks through our Regional Service Center2 partners where members are on assignment. The international side of a member's ID card is co-branded with this logo for hassle-free access to care. Network logos are easily recognized by administrative personnel at hospitals, clinics, and doctors' offices world wide

Front desk personnel should recognize the network logos on our ID cards and know to:

  • Call MetLife to verify eligibility
  • Bill MetLife directly for services
  • Charge MetLife the appropriate amount as negotiated by local fee schedules

This provides truly hassle-free access to care and eliminates the need for members to have to pay out-of-pocket based on ID card recognition at the point of service.

Members may receive an additional ID card in certain locations where required by law or for enhanced network access.

1. Subject to applicable legal, contractual and regulatory restrictions
2. Some Regional Service Centers are operated by MetLife affiliates and some by third parties contracted by MetLife

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