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MetLife Stories

Career Advice: Crystal Beach

What I Wish I Knew: Crystal Beach

What do you wish you knew when you graduated? Crystal Beach shares what she wishes she knew before her first job. Read More
What I Wish I Knew: Nico Eggert

What I Wish I Knew: Nico Eggert

What do you wish you knew when you graduated? Nico Eggert shares what he wishes he knew before his first job. Read More
Career Advice: Brittany Daniels

What I Wish I Knew: Brittany Daniels

What do you wish you knew when you graduated? Brittany Daniels shares what she wishes she knew before her first job. Read More
Zia Zamen at The Global Summit of Women

What it Means to Be Included As a Man at a Global Summit for Women

How can we mobilize to provide gender equality, pay equity and leadership inclusion? Zia Zaman shares his experience at this year’s Global Summit Of Women. Read More
Career Advice: Sean Nicolello

What I Wish I Knew: Sean Nicolello

What do you wish you knew when you graduated? Sean Nicolello shares what he wishes he knew before his first job. Read More
Career Advice: Adriana Briones

What I Wish I Knew: Adriana Briones

What do you wish you knew when you graduated? Adriana Briones shares what she wishes she knew before her first job. Read More
Cindy Pace on Purpose at Work

How Embracing Change Can Help Shape the Future

As the way we work, live and interact changes, how can women keep up? Cindy Pace discusses how finding your purpose can help transform the future. Read More
Small Business Benefits

MetLife to Deliver New Digital Experience for Small Business Customers with IBM Insurance Platform

We’re streamlining benefits management for small businesses. Learn more about the IBM insurance platform. Read More
Kristine Poznanski on Customer Service

Changing the Rules of Customer Service

What makes for best-in-class customer service? Kristine Poznanski, Head Of Global Customer Solutions at MetLife, explains. Read More
Elizabeth Nieto on Diversity and Inclusion

Elizabeth Nieto Thinks Inclusion is Every Employee’s Job

Are you bringing your whole self to work each day? Elizabeth Nieto discusses MetLife’s Diversity and Inclusion impact. Read More
Georgette Piligian on Change

How to Adapt to a Changing World

Georgette Piligian, SVP, Americas Operations, discusses how change is inevitable – at home, at work and in the world. Learn how MetLife adapts to a changing world. Read More
Adoption Benefits

Adoption-Friendly Workplaces Help Make Families Complete

The Gress family of four recently became a happy family of five. At MetLife, we support adoptive parents in the workplace. Read More
Tips for Reentering the Workforce

Bouncing Back After a Career Break

If you’re looking to return to the workforce, or experiencing a career transition, there’s hope. Re-entry programs like ACT2 at MetLife are helping. Read More
MetLife Foundation's Work with Financial Opportunity Centers

From Minimum Wage to Owning a Business – Jerry Evans and the Path to Financial Independence

With the help of EMERGE and the Local Initiative Support Corporation in Minneapolis, Jerry Evans is on the path to financial independence. Learn more about MetLife Foundation’s work with financial opportunity centers across the U.S. Read More
MetLife Foundation in India

Multipliers of Prosperity – Trickle Up, Odisha

MetLife Foundation and Trickle Up are working to bring financial inclusion to India’s rural poor. See the impact being made. Read More
MetLife Inclusion Week 2016

Embracing Diversity, Ensuring Inclusion

MetLife is committed to creating an inclusive workplace where each individual feels encouraged to share their unique skills, strengths and perspectives. Find out how we’re celebrating Inclusion Week at MetLife. Read More
MetLife's Global Women's Initiative

Empowering Women with the Global Women’s Initiative

Cindy Pace, assistant vice president, Diversity & Inclusion, travels across the world to educate associates and leaders on the importance of our Global Women’s Initiative (GWI). Find out how MetLife is supporting women globally. Read More
Hear from Veterans at MetLife

Veterans at MetLife

At MetLife, we understand the value veterans bring to the workplace, including their ability to lead and their passion for service. Hear from two veterans at MetLife about how they’re making an impact. Read More
MetLife Foundation in China

How MetLife Foundation Supports Financial Inclusion in China

As part of a series on “Local Perspectives on Financial Health”, Sarah Willis, MetLife Foundation and Julia Arnold, a Financial Inclusion Consultant, teamed up to take a closer look at improving access and usage of financial services and products in China. Find out how MetLife Foundation supports financial inclusion in China. Read More
MetLife Pride

Bring Your Whole Self to Work

At MetLife, we value the diversity of both our customers and our employees. Watch as these MetLife employees explain the value of being open and accepted. Bring your whole self to work. Read More
MetLife Foundation in Vietnam

Making a Difference in Vietnam

Nandika Madgavkar, Corporate Citizenship, shares her experience visiting MetLife Foundation partners in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Learn more about Vietnam’s financial growth and development. Read More