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Impact Investments

Impact Investments

We define impact investments as those that generate social and/or environmental benefits while also providing economic returns. We recognize the opportunity to use them as a means to create both financial and societal value. We focus on four areas:

Green investments

We see great promise in green building and renewable energy opportunities. We hold equity stakes in 55 LEED-certified real estate properties, as well as nearly 40 wind and solar farms, which produce enough clean energy to power almost 1.5 million homes.

Community and affordable housing

We are a longtime investor in high-quality, affordable housing and community initiatives.


We create jobs and economic benefits by investing in infrastructure projects to build and upgrade airports, ports, roads, pipelines, transmission lines and power generation.

Municipal bonds

Our municipal bond portfolio supports education, community services, hospitals and more, and spans approximately 400 municipal entities in 47 states and Washington, D.C.

Total Impact Investments 2017


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