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Message from Our President

Message from Our President


Dennis WhiteWhen MetLife Foundation launched our financial inclusion strategy in 2013, the financial inclusion industry was beginning to show that a well-coordinated global effort could produce impressive results. We saw that more than 2 billion people lacked access to formal financial services. But we also saw how steadily that gap was being closed. Financial services providers, investors, donors, regulators, and many other parties were collaborating to bring more and better financial services to massive numbers of unserved or underserved people. Digital technology was making it possible to expand financial service as never before, even to geographically isolated and very low-income communities.

In 2017, the Foundation made USD 40 million in contributions, with 76 percent going to financial inclusion grants. Click here for a selection of our work to illustrate how we are making an impact. We want to ensure that more people have all the financial tools they need and know how to use them to help make their dreams a reality. We want to strengthen the capacity of financial services providers to understand their customers and deliver what they need in a way that is sustainable for the providers, and is safe, affordable, and effective for customers. And we want to build the knowledge of the industry. We learn from every grant we make, and are committed to sharing those lessons.

MetLife Foundation is deeply encouraged by the progress that the industry is making globally and in individual markets. While we know that there is still much work ahead, we look forward to a future that is financially secure for all.

A. Dennis White
President & CEO, MetLife Foundation



Our Mission

To improve the financial lives of low-income people around the world by partnering with effective organizations that provide advice and access to high-quality financial services. The lessons that we and our partners learn are shared to continuously improve products and services.

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