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Historical Highlights

Historical Highlights

MetLife's efforts to focus on the benefits of a healthy environment can be traced back to 1871, just three years after the company was formed. At that time, MetLife encouraged its policyholders to "let in the sunlight" and to remember that "pure water" and "fresh air" will ensure a healthier life.

While examples of MetLife's efforts to benefits its customers, employees and the environment are present throughout the company's nearly 150-year history, a number of examples stand out:


MetLife institutes a pioneering $2.5 million program to install smoke control devices in its New York City housing developments. Mayor Robert F. Wagner recognizes MetLife for its "distinguished contribution toward achieving cleaner air for the City of New York."


MetLife begins reprocessing old newspapers from the home office and the 40,000 tenants who live in the company's East Coast housing complexes, saving approximately 35,000 trees a year.


MetLife addresses the nation's energy problem by lowering thermostats, cutting back on lighting and reducing elevator service in company-owned buildings. The significant resulting reductions inMetLife's electric and steam usage earn the company an Energy Savers Award from Consolidated Edison of New York.


MetLife surpasses its 2005 goal of reducing indirect emissions for its U.S.-owned and –managed office portfolio by 20 percent by 2010. The company goes on to reduce indirect emissions by 100 percent and cut energy use by 24 percent.


MetLife expands its measurement, tracking and reporting of GHG emissions, leading to a substantial Increase in the company's Carbon Disclosure Project score.