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Insurance purchased on your own (not as an employee)

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Customer Service: Email Us
For General Inquiries: 1-800-638-5433
Life Insurance Policies: 1-800-638-5000
Individual Annuities: 1-800-638-7732
Auto & Home Policies: 1-800-422-4272
Group Annuities: 1-800-560-5001
Disability Policies: 1-800-929-1492
Long-Term Care Policies: 1-800-308-0179
Total Control Account: 1-800-638-7283
Structured Settlements: 1-800-638-2704

Insurance purchased through your employer

Log into your account: Log into eSERVICE
Customer Service: Email Us
For General Inquiries: 1-800-438-6388
Dental Policies: 1-800-942-0854
Universal Life Policies: 1-800-523-2894
Auto & Home Policies: 1-800-438-6381
Vision Policies: 1-855-638-3931
Disability Policies: 1-800-858-6506
Long-Term Care Policies: 1-800-438-6388
Group Annuities: 1-800-560-5001
Total Control Account: 1-800-638-7283
Pensions/Retirement Income: 1-800-638-5656


New Product & Services: 1-877-638-2862
Have a Rep Contact You: Request Information

Brokers & Consultants

Group Benefits Broker Service Center: 1-888-653-8325
MetLife Investors Individual Life Commissions: 1-877-638-0411
Auto and Home Commissions: 1-800-638-3012
Individual Commissions and Appointment: 1-866-796-1800
Long Term Care Commissions: 1-888-565-3761
Corporate Licensing & Registration: 1-888-645-4408
Have a Rep Contact You: Request Information
Please note the Broker Resource Center is available Monday through Friday 8am-9pm EST.

Commercial Investors

Real Estate Investment Inquiry: Email Us
Agricultural Investment Inquiry: Email Us
Private Placement Inquiry: Email Us

Additional Contacts

Investor Relations: Email Us
For News Media ONLY: Email Us
Corporate Conduct: Email Us

For Abuse Victims:
Confidential Address Change Program

*MetLife is in the process of moving its main individual life insurance, disability and annuity business into a new, independent company. In connection with that move, effective March 6, 2017, MetLife has renamed several of its subsidiary companies, which will operate under the Brighthouse Financial (SM) brand. New England Life Insurance Company will retain its name and is expected to part of the MetLife move. Please be assured that the terms, conditions and benefits of the contracts, policies and certificates remain the same.